As of September 2017, we have changed the rules of our reward program. Before, it was a managed point system with personal webpage for you to track points. Reward points were triggered with any $50.00 or more purchase. Now, points are triggered with any $100.00 or more purchase. However, we evaluate the overall purchase before we issue points. Points are instantly paid with outgoing order via free gifts, products, etc. included in the package.

For example, if an overseas customer orders and we chip in postage or insurance on the order, we may reconsider issuing points. It's all relative to the overall order and our profit margin on that particular order. If a customer stocks up on a sale item, we may reconsider points since the sale reflects savings. If we are doing a price-match or price-beat guarantee on an item, we may reconsider issuing points. Again, everything is relative to the profit margin on any given sale. 99.8% of all qualifying sales will receive reward points.

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