Wow, are we going to have some really special offers for you— our appreciated, faithful customers who FUEL THE ARMY®

You know, at some point, you’re going to need a well-made USB drive. Right? We’re making USB drives under our brand name coupling tech with our own uniquely creative designs. In addition, the tech we offer is real capacity and not fake upgrades.

In case you didn’t know, dirt-cheap USB drives are often upgrades to trick your computer into thinking that the USB has more memory than it actually has. The fakes make it that your computer misreads the memory in the drive which destabilizes the information stored on the USB. The fallout is that your files become corrupted and lost.

This is not the case with our drives. Our drives have 100% real capacity, no fakes, no cheating upgrades...and still dirt-cheap! With our drives, your information is stored properly.

Now, for a fee, we offer you the option of encrypting (government level) your drives with a password. Click on that option below if this interests you.

We’re looking for people to resell our drives. If you’re interested, email us!

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