FUEL THE ARMY's  Monthy Raffle


We will call a pizza place near you and order you a pizza!


Did you know that we really appreciate customers who pay by Money Order or CA$H (GREEN BACKS - NO CHECKS) Why you ask?

Because Credit Card companies/PayPal, etc. charge us outlandish fees and sometimes bully us. Money Orders cost us NOTHING and are stress-free transactions!

If you're willing to pay by Money Order, we are willing to put your name into a drawing to win a gift. You will be entered into the month's raffle that corresponds with your date of payment. For example, if you pay us in August, you will be entered into August's raffle. If you pay us in December, you will be entered into December's rafle. Winners will be notified by e-mail and with permission, posted below.

Won't you help us stick it to the banks? :) Pay by Money Order today!

Thank You!!


August 2017 Winner - Justina Baschully, New York State